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06 July 2009 @ 01:26 am
hayy (: im Nat,
Im not sure if anyone still posts on here but it looked like such a supportive community I thaught I would join anywayy :P
Nichole is amazing thinsporation! I absolutly love her :D
Im new to here but not new to having an ED, I had bullimia for 10 months and ive had EDnos for about a year
xxxx <3
24 April 2009 @ 03:49 am
I own the community "Alcorexic" and tomorrow we are hosting a power-hour at 7 pm your time.
You take the shot of your choice, every minute for an hour your time.
The fun is that it's a drunk, empty-stomache party on livejournal. We can chat about anything.
No inhibitians. PLEASE JOIN US.
Hope to see you on livejournal. I'm also at www.myspace.com/epitome_ofadoll.com.
Tomorrow night will be a PARTAY of a bunch of skinnay bitches! RSVP!!!!
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22 February 2009 @ 10:18 pm
Hey Ladies! this site has some GREAT thinspo tips! go check it out!
Good Luck, think thin!
Love you girls!
30 March 2008 @ 11:18 am
whatever happened to the challenges? i miss them, i really want to start another one, especially because bathing suits are impending upon us.

would anyone else be interested? feedback? suggestions?

and just so it isn't text only....
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02 February 2008 @ 04:26 pm
well im james...but yes im a girl...

i am here becuase i love this site and nicole and the community leader...syd...is very sweet and motivating..

i love thinspo pictures of mary-kate..i love her lover her clothes and her weight especially in the 04-05 era...but also nicole and very thin real girls who motivate me..sorry i cant post pictures..i totally forgot how to put it under the cut...so let me know and i will...i love syd's thinspo pictures...love jeans as well for thinspo...very skinny legs in jeans

it very early in feb so ill list my weight and goals for this month:

HW: 120
CW: 99
LW: 93

feb.14 (valentines): 95 or less
end of feb: 93...lets get motivated
16 January 2008 @ 05:10 pm
i feel fat as hell....even though im down to 100 (im 5'2) i feel so fat and i have to ...HAVE TO lose these 10 pounds...ive been kinda cranky lately and i almost told my boyfriend i have an eating disorder...has anyone else told...how does it affect you and them ...even if its just your friends youve told...bc i feel like if i told and then ever again asked for food or denied it it would bite me in the ass
11 January 2008 @ 09:07 pm
nicole richie (and christina aguilera) both went into labor today!

nicole had a healthy, 6 lb, 7 oz baby girl named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. they've already left cedars' sinai hospital.
25 November 2007 @ 01:15 pm
wow, i haven't written in any communities in months.

i didn't eat yesterday, not really to make up for thanksgiving, but more because i'm pissed off because my boyfriend's family is fucked up and ruined my thanksgiving. you can read about it in my journal if you want.

i'm SO pissed that i refuse to eat until i'm A) 99 pounds, B) dead or in the hospital, or C) not a bad person and finally good enough for everyone else and myself. i haven't eaten since probably 9:00 at night friday (it's sunday now). i'm not talking to my boyfriend, but i physically can't cry because i don't feel anything right now. when i'm fasting i feel like a fog engulfs me and dims the rest of the world.

if any of you remember me from when i used to post all the time..i kind of stopped working out for a while, but i've been working out pretty much every single day since this summer. i can tell i'm increasing my lean body mass and my body is changing. for example, my spandex pants are actually loose around the waist. as i'm building muscle i'm losing fat, and muscle takes up less space so i'm pretty sure my measurements are decreasing. on a typical day i do 45-50 minutes of cardio, sometimes 60 minutes, lots of crunches, and some legwork and pushups to tone my arms. i also do yoga once or twice a week. i'm starting to get abs, which i never thought would happen. i'm even starting to get that "V" in your lower belly!! it's so exciting. my gym has been closed for FOUR DAYS (the better part of a week) for thanksgiving. if you ask me that's ridiculous because it's such a gluttonous holiday and they should encourage increasing physical activity while everyone is overeating but... tomorrow it reopens and i'm soooo excited to get back on the treadmill. it's going to feel amazing. everything just...makes sense when i'm at the gym.

anyway, so...that's my status in case anybody was wondering where i am!
oh, by the way, this morning i found two songs that are pretty thinspirational-- "lemon" by katy rose and "a better son/daughter" by rilo kiley.

here's your thinspo, it's jenna jameson and i'm usually not into big boobs but i like her stomach:
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09 November 2007 @ 09:20 am
yesterday, i didn't eat anything. that was actually really surprising.

and i think because i'm not eating enough, i'm becoming really dumb. clumsy. confused. and forgetful. which reminds me of my old self. which reminds me of thin. which = good.

but, for some odd reason i was worried about driving this morning, even though it wasn't like i had fasted for a week or anything [which has been the reason for not driving in the past for me]. i was just really anxious. so i ended my unnoticed fast with a no sugar added creamscicle pop. i don't know why i chose to eat that of all things.

my mind has a mind of its own. that doesn't make any sense.
i guess it doesn't help that i've got lots of studying to do.

how're all YOU doing, ladies???
Current Mood: anxiousi've sneezed 3 times just now
08 November 2007 @ 10:30 am
c'mon GIRLY FACES! let's get active!
see it as inspiration that i am getting back in the daily-post game. it's been so long since i've been motivated like this; wouldn't everyone want to partake?

think: geez louise, she has soooo much weight to lose. she just had a baby, and here i am, inactive in the community.

not only talking about my progress/setbacks/ideas/goals helps me stay focused, but also hearing everyone else talk about their days.

i really turn to this community sometimes. i don't talk to anyone else about my problems with weight. although my whole family knows, they don't understand. you guys do. and you know it. it's nice to be able to talk about how often we weight ourselves [morning, before we pee, afterwards, before binges, before purges, before and after fasts, etc.etc.] how meticulous we can be with calorie counting, how "why don't you just eat six small meals a day?" doesn't cure us.

i think EVERYONE can benefit from making posts more often. from writing them and reading them.

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seriously everyone - how are you doing? what's going on???